Naked Eyes – Promises, Promises

I used to have the original release as an A  side to a TDK (cassette).  The B side was a copy of Dexy’s Midnight Runners.  Amazing that I remember the specific brand of the cassette, but I guess I had lots of that brand so perhaps not so surprising.

I’ve often struggled lately with whether I should continue to be the purist I was and always make sure I stick with original album releases or buy compilations of greatest hits such as this one.  Bottom line here is that I compared the track list of this compilation with the track list of the original Burning Bridges release and all (or most of anyway) the songs that were on the first release were also here on this compilation.  So I picked it up used (of course).

Promises, Promises is likely my favorite of the popular songs from Naked Eyes, but it really isn’t my favorite on the album.  There were actually two tracks that spoke to me the most when I listened to this album at 17 years old.  They were When The Lights Go Out and I Could Show You How.

Susie doesn’t go out very much
She likes to stay in bed at night
It seems that everything is all too much
But she just lays in bed at night
The day’s all right but then….
When the lights go out
She calls your name
When the lights go out
Always the same
Always someone left out in the rain
Always the same

Seventeen was a strange age for me.  I had a lot of exposure to what I thought love was supposed to be, but no real world  experience.  At the time that I was listening to this (over and over), I often thought of one particular girl that I knew and imagined that she felt this way at night about me.  A fantasy for sure in the truest sense, but it also went very well with the other song…

If I only had you here now
I could show you how
I could show you how I love you
I could show you how
I could show you how I love you
I could show you how
I could show you how
I could show you how

A little redundant perhaps, but that was how I was feeling.

So, now I’ve told you about the particular songs I liked and as you can see, the lyrics had certain meaning, but musically these were the best tracks as well.  The thing is that I listened to the whole tape a lot and much of it is similar in musical nature.  If you like Promises, Promises and Always Something There To Remind Me, then you’ll like the whole album.

If you are an 80’s Music Fan like me, just pick up this compilation and you’ll have what I consider the Best of Naked Eyes.

Oh, and why do I remember this particular cassette so well?  Because the girl I was thinking about and missing when I listened to the cassette (over and over) while driving from Colorado to Florida is named on the other side of the cassette.

Bow Wow Wow – Aphrodisiac

Bow Wow Wow was touring in support of their When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Going release and in this case was opening for The English Beat.  The show actually opened with Joe “King” Carrasco & The Crowns, followed by Bow Wow Wow and finally The English Beat.  Don’t get me wrong I did and still do love The English Beat, but Annabella (I mean Bow Wow Wow) on stage stole my heart (I mean the show).

Can you tell I was a 16 year old with raging hormones at the time?  Annabella danced on the stage in her short, red, leather skirt and Native American themed costume, singing such songs to me (I mean the audience) like:

Ooh, I got arrows in my quiver, ooh, I got you you’re in my sight
Woh, when you’re close you make me shiver, woh, come with me and spend the night
Finding a way, a way to make whoopee, finding a way, a way to make love
Finding a way, a way to make whoopee, finding a way, a way to make love


I want him, I need him, I want him, I need him
He can move it, he can groove it, he’s a rhythm machine
He can take me, he can break me, he’s so hard and so mean
He’s my lover, he’s my hero, take it fast, take it slow
My baby, my baby, my baby oh no

Bow Wow Wow also gave us:  Aphrodisiac, Lonesome Tonight, Cowboy, Do You Wanna Hold Me, Louis Quatorze, Jungle Boy, Rikki Dee and What’s The Time (Hey Buddy)… and they are all here on this compilation.

As you can tell I’m a big fan of Bow Wow Wow and have all of their releases except one.  Well, okay, I have it on vinyl, but Do You Want To Hold Me has a regrettable whine in the background from being overplayed using a bad needle.  So, I should say, I have all of their recordings that are available on CD, except When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Going.  While searching for that one, I came across Aphrodisiac – The Best Of Bow Wow Wow, which has all of the songs that were on When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Going that I didn’t already have on other CDs… except one.  So I’m still in search of one song, Love Me.

If you are a fan of Bow Wow Wow, but not a crazy fan like me and just want to get a great mix of their material, Aphrodisiac – The Best Of Bow Wow Wow is worth picking up.  I bought it new through Amazon for less than $10 I think.

And…. just because I’m a crazy fan of Annabella Lwin (duh!) I offer the following nuggets:

    • Annabella recorded a cover of Like A Virgin for a release called Virgin Voices which was all covers of Madonna songs (I have this on CD).
    • Annabella recorded a cover of I Love Rock & Roll the Joan Jett song (I bought this on iTunes).
    • Annabella recorded an album of her own after Bow Wow Wow broke up (I have that on vinyl but am still trying to find it on CD or digital format).
    • Boy George reportedly tried out as a lead singer for Bow Wow Wow before they settled on Annabella – wow, that would have meant a totally different band.
    • The band backing Annabella in Bow Wow Wow is comprised of the Ants… from Adam & The Ants before Adam left the Ants and just became Adam Ant.