Rachel Sweet – Blame It On Love

I think it is appropriate that I start this blog out with the first post on Rachel Sweet.  It was her that captured my imagination as a 13-year old boy after hearing her belt out B-A-B-Y and Just My Style on the compilation cassette that Uncle Ted gave me. This CD though is a re-issue and contains not only the stellar Blame It On Love, but also the prior year’s …And Then He Kissed Me.

I first purchased Blame It On Love in vinyl form in 1982.  I purchased it (along with Falco’s Der Kommissar) from the Peaches Records & Tapes store in Denver, Colorado.  Of course, I had already heard the entire track list (over and over) from Rachel Sweet’s debut album Fool Around.

Blame It On Love presented Rachel as older and sexier which fit right it with what I thought about her already.  Prior to purchasing the album I had seen the first single and opening track, VooDoo on MTV.  The song starts out “Close your eyes, baby make a wish” in a very sultry voice and the chorus “the voodoo that you do so well” certainly cast a spell on me.

…And Then He Kissed me includes Rachel singing Shadows In The Night.  Penned by Rachel, this was actually made popular by Pat Benetar.  The title track is a remake of two songs written by Phil Specter and performed by numerous other groups in the 60’s.  Rachel sings them back to back starting with …And Then He Kissed Me and blending directly into Be My Baby. After receiving the CD in the mail and importing into iTunes I found that I was marking most every track on the album between 2 and 4 stars.

This two album CD is a must have for any Rachel Sweet fan who doesn’t already own them and to remind you why you loved Rachel Sweet back in the day.